Friday, October 28, 2011

US Goverment Agencies Infiltrating Mexican Drug Cartels

It’s insane that we are risking lives in this futile effort to stop drug trafficking. Why do we continue this approach decade after decade? We take down one cartel and another one rises. It’s a good thing so much effort was put into killing Pablo Escobar; seemed like that whole cocaine trafficking thing was going to get out of control. I know millions of dollars were spent and hundreds of lives lost in the pursuite of Escobar, but we did slow drug trafficing, didnt we? It wasent all in vein, was it?
  History has shown that drug laws do not stop drug use; they don’t even put a dent in drug use. We will never stop trafficking and use but we could save lives by changing our approach to the drug epidemic. An intelligent approach to legalize cocaine, Marianna, and heroin would devalue the products. By devaluing the products the crime associated with drugs would decrease significantly. These commodities only hold such value because they are illegal. Stiffer laws= higher values= more crime: this fact is not debatable. The prohibition of alcohol created the largest criminal empires in the United States; many of themare still operating today. The prohibition of narcotics has created the largest criminal empires on the planet and as long as our laws stay the same, America will continue to fund the largest criminal empires on the planet.
Just like Alcohol: some people will use drugs in moderation, some will abuse, some will die from drug use, and the intelligent will not use at all. These facts rain true regardless of legislation, always have, and always will. Yes drugs are often misused, but people who are users will always use in spite of the law. Implementing an intelligent form of legalization will eliminate cartels, drug motivated prostitution, and too many crimes to list. Also the billions used in the war against drugs can be decreased and reapplied to manage a legalized approach that works towards educating those who are willing to listen, and provide aid for people who seek help.

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